Spotlighting Historical Businesses from Vici

North side of Broadway Street in Vici. Due to schools canceling and little league season being postponed, we will not be able to spotlight the school and summer activities we normally do. However, the Bank of Vici has generously agreed to sponsor a Historical Business Spotlight segment through the break! We are reaching out and asking for help gathering information on the past businesses that used to occupy the now dilapidated buildings in our small town.

If you have fond memories or any knowledge of former businesses that once thrived in Vici, you can fill out the Historical Business Submission here. We would like to gather as much information as possible on as many businesses as possible. Due to the short number of weeks that we will have to run this segment, we will have to determine which businesses are spotlighted based on amount of information we receive. We would love any stories, pictures, or general information you might have!


Filling out the Form

Clicking on the link Historical Business Submission will open a page with a link titled “Historical Business Submission”. Click on that link and a PDF file will open that you can fill out right on your computer! Just click on the line you wish to type on and fill in your information. NOTE: If you have information on several businesses, please fill out SEPARATE forms for each business.  

Don’t worry about your writing skills! We will take all of the information we have come in and type a story. We just need your knowledge!

After you’ve completed the form, you can print it to submit it by text, mail, or dropping by our office (find the information you need at the bottom of the form). If you’d like to email it to us, just download the form after you’ve filled it out and attach it in an email to

If you need any help with filling out the form, help with submitting your form, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 580-995-3425.

Submitting a picture

If you have pictures you’d like to submit, you can text them, scan and email them, or come by our office with your pictures and we can help you get them submitted.


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