Two Tapstone Explosions, No Known Cause


A tank battery explosion Saturday night, October 22nd, left several tank batteries on the Salisbury 27-19-20 1H wellsite damaged and ignited a fire that burned into the pasture North of the location. The well-site, operated by Tapstone, is located just southwest of Vici.
On October 6th, a tank battery exploded on the McCormick 3-19-20 1H, another Tapstone well-site, just west of Vici City Limits.
Both well-sites display Danger Hydrogen Sulfide Gas signs.
The cause of the explosions, according to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Dewey County Inspector, is unknown. Both wells are shut in pending further information on the cause of explosions.
For more on this story, see the October 27 issue of The Vici Vision newspaper.


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