Save a life, Blood Donor Challenge at Vici Community Center Today!

OBI Spring-banner-2016

You could save a life today! Blood Donor Challenge with Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) is at Vici Community Center today from 1:30 to 6:00 p.m.

“Only 10% of those eligible to give actually donate blood at least annually,” said Tania Warnock, Executive Director, Oklahoma Blood Institute. “We challenge those who don’t give regularly to overcome their excuses. Many who have taken the ‘challenge’ say they can’t believe how easy and gratifying it is to donate blood.”

All blood provided to patients in area hospitals is given by donors with Oklahoma Blood Institute. And, each donation can save as many as three patients’ lives. Some 154 hospitals across the state rely on OBI donors exclusively.

Donors wishing to make an international impact as well as a local one can support Global Blood Fund (GBF). It is a charity aimed at ending severe blood shortages in countries where, each year, 200,000 people die simply due to a lack of safe blood. By giving up their T-shirts, donors enable OBI to financially contribute to GBF to make training, supplies and technology available for their struggling blood centers.

Call 877-340-8777 or visit for an appointment to donate. Walk-ins are welcome.

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