Chisholm and Great Western Trail Study Released

Trail Study

The Chisholm and Great Western Trails were routes followed by upwards of ten million cattle as they traveled northbound from southern Texas to Kansas and adjacent destinations between 1867 and the 1880s. The Great Western Trail passes through the area a few miles west of Vici. The National Park Service has released the Draft National Historic Trail Feasibility Study/Environmental Assessment that examines the purpose and need for designation of these trails as national historic trails. The release of the study opens a 60-day public review and comment period that will end on March 6, 2015. You may view the document(s) and post comments online at the following URL: Designation as a “National Historic Trail” could be beneficial to the area.  However, landowners along the trail may want to review the document for themselves to determine if national trail designation and a federal plan for administration and management of the trail could interfere with their use of the land.

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